Saturday, April 21, 2007

Interview with Jason Tejakusuma

It was pleasure for me to have an interview session with Jason Tejakusuma in February 2007. Thanks to you, Jason!
I grabbed from your blog:

It is quite a special occasion when a full-fledged dalang (Javanese shadow puppet master) joins us in the studio. Sujiwo Tejo - singer, actor, writer and of course dalang - talks with Jason about two of his songs "Nadian" and "Hujan Deras" in our longest podcast to date. Not only will you learn something about Mas Tejo and his music, you will also learn a thing or two about Javanese culture. Enjoy.

If you want to hear my interview, click


mbahatemo said...

album terbarunya kapan ki dalang?
salam kenal..

Dalang Edan said...

sudah punya album saya yg mana aja?
sebentar lagi album baru saya memang akan dirilis...